February 25, 2024

Various works worth 130 crore rupees were inaugurated

Moreover, Union Minister Darshana Jardosh, Mayor Hemali Boghavala and MLAs inaugurated the river bridge connecting Ved-Variyav over Tapi River, built by the municipality at a cost of Rs 118.42 crore, in the virtual absence of CM Bhupendra Patel.

However, various works worth 130.93 crores were inaugurated and completed in various zones. When Suda’s works worth 43 crores were canceled. Union Minister Darshana Jardosh said that this bridge is connecting to Olpad and Katargam.

Although, this bridge will make it very easy for the people of Variyav to reach the square and the station. Also, the people of Ved, Katargam and other areas of the city will get new connectivity from the city to the outer ring-road and highway.

Lastly, the people of Amroli-Katargam will also get a lot of relief in traffic. The traffic on Amroli River Bridge will also see a significant reduction. Approximately 6 to 8 lakh people will benefit from the construction of this bridge.

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