February 29, 2024

Moreover, due to excessive dirtiness in the washroom in the ward, the sick person is getting sick instead of getting well.

Another section has come to the know regarding the SMC run hospital. Thousands of middle class and poor people visit civil hospitals for treatment, but complaints about these patients not getting proper facilities keep flying from time to time.

Moreover, the condition inside the Surat Corporation-run civil hospital, which is bursting with advanced facilities, is so bad that there is not even adequate supply of water inside the wards.

Sometimes, due to some technical problem, it is understandable if water does not come for 2-3 hours or a day or so, but if water does not come for four days, naturally, questions arise about their performance and mentality. All the other facilities are fine, but if water cannot be delivered to all the boards in sufficient quantity, then it is natural to criticize the administration.

Lastly, corporator made an emergency visit to Smimmer Hospital and these problems came to know. While investigating this matter, the water supply motor coming from Varachha zone has been burnt for the last 4 days.

Although, there has been water shortage in the hospital. For this, it has been recommended to get a water motor with the fire team. However, no decision has been taken, due to which the patients are suffering a lot.

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