She has become the first woman from Gujarat and the second woman in India.

Surat : 48-year-old Khyati Patel from Surat has completed a 300 km ultra marathon. In 76 hours, the temperature was 37 degrees during the day and 15 degrees at night. So this woman has secured first place in Gujarat state and second place in single stage race of India. It is worth mentioning that the woman slept only two hours in 76 hours. Khyati Patel said that this result has been achieved after four months of hard work. I got up at 3:30 am five days a week and practiced this for 3 to 7 hours on Surat city roads, Surat cable bridge and other bridges which were beneficial for me.

Moreover, talking about the diet, Khyati Patel said that in four months, she gave up unhygienic food and started eating healthy food. It included carbohydrates before the run followed by protein for recovery with foods like dry fruits, dates. Also, when I had completed 150 km of this 300 km run, I felt that now I may not complete this marathon. But with the support of my husband Keyur and son Prathishth Patel and guide Tejal Modi, who were present in my support team, I completed this 300 km run with the support of the team. Further, I completed this 300 km run in 76 hours in temperature of 37 degrees during the day and 15 degrees at night. I did physical as well as mental preparation to get success in this competition. During this competition I took 3 breaks of 20 minutes each. When 2 times took a break of 30 minutes each. Had only two hours of sleep in 76 hours. It is very important to be mentally and physically prepared to complete a marathon. Before doing any work, if you are mentally determined in a disciplined manner, then the work will be completed. I hope to break my own record in the future.

Furthermore, various marathons and ultra marathons are organized by Blue Brigade Running Club India. Then this time on 14th February 2024 Ultra Marathon was held from Syedari Farm in Nashik city of Maharashtra. About 10 people from other countries including India participated in this ultra marathon, in which 2 runners from Australia and runners from Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Gujarat and other states of India joined. Keurbhai Patel, a 48-year-old celebrity from Surat city, who is known as a coffee lover. In the year 2015, Khyati Patel decided to run from 50 km. After that, 4 marathons of 50 km, 4 marathons of 100 km, 1 marathon of 160 km, 1 marathon of 220 km have promoted fitness. Khyati Patel has become the first woman from Gujarat and the second woman in India to complete the 300 km race in 2024 this year.

Lastly, this 300 km ultra marathon in 76 hours with only 10 percent of the road being straight and runnable. The remaining 90 percent of the road is rocky and impassable. 300 km run has been completed on such a road. All competitors undergo a medical checkup before starting the race, in which blood pressure checkup, urine test, sugar level checkup along with other checks are started this run. 3 contestants from India and 1 contestant from Australia completed this run, in which Khyati Patel has won the title of first woman from Gujarat state and second woman in single stage race of India.

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