February 25, 2024

The factory was captured from Bapa Sitaram Industrial Society of Bamroli.

Surat : A raid has been carried out by the food department of the municipality in Surat’s Bamroli area. The food safety officers of the municipality have conducted these raids with the suspicion that they are making and selling fake spices by misusing the name of a well-known company. Food safety officers have taken samples of chicken and mutton spices and sent them to the laboratory for testing. Along with this, a quantity of spices worth Rs 22.71 lakh has been seized.

According to the information received, the food safety officers of the food department of Surat municipality received information that suspected adulterated spices were being manufactured in the ACT factory located in Bapa Sitaram Industrial Society, Bamaroli. Based on this information, food safety officers raided. During the investigation it was revealed that Pawan Kalal was making the suspected spice. Investigation revealed that he was manufacturing chicken masala, mutton masala under the name of Everest, a well-known spice company. So food safety officers took action against Pawan Kalal. 6121 kg quantity of Everest chicken masala, mutton masala and loose masala produced in the name of Everest Company was seized. A large quantity of spices was seized when the food department became suspicious. After that, the spice samples were sent to the laboratory for testing. Next action will be taken after the report.

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