February 25, 2024

It used to manufacture resin for making plywood; Industrial units raided farmers’ manure.

Anand : On one hand, farmers are not getting government subsidized semi-coated chemical fertilizer despite standing in queues for hours, and on the other hand, thousands of kg of semi-coated chemical fertilizer for farmers is being dumped illegally in industrial units. At that time, a team of Anand LCB police raided a company in Vidhyanagar GIDC and seized quantity of semi-coated fertilizer for agricultural use worth Rs 2.46 lakh, a case has been registered. In order to prevent industrial diversion of agricultural grade Urea, the police department conducted checks in the industrial units for the purpose of legal action. A team of Anand District LCB Police raided the premises of Agrofill Industries in Vidhyanagar GIDC on 5th October last and carried out checking. Meanwhile, the quantity of manure stored in the company was found to be semi-coated and for agricultural use. So after police informed the Deputy Director of Agriculture office about this suspicious quantity of fertilizer, Agriculture Officer Parthik Patel and his team reached the spot and found 60 bags of Neem Coated Urea stored there. A total of 25 bags of Technical Grade Urea and one sample each from a total of 31 bags of Technical Grade Urea were sent to Chemical Fertilizer Testing Laboratory, Gandhinagar for analysis. Whereas, two other samples were sent to Joint Director of Agriculture, Ahmedabad.

​​After that, on 17th October, the report of the sample of this fertilizer came, in which this fertilizer was found to be Nim Coated Urea for agricultural purpose. So the details of the purchase of this fertilizer were sought from the company. In which a bill was submitted that a total of 4 thousand kg of technical grade urea was purchased from Trumark Corporation Pvt Ltd of Ahmedabad. Preliminary investigation by the police has revealed that this fertilizer is being used by the company for the production of resin for making plywood. Then, on the complaint of Agriculture Officer Parthik Patel, Vipul Devmurari and the responsible person of Trumark Corporation Pvt. Legal action has been taken by registering the crime accordingly.

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