February 25, 2024

The boss reached the Civil Hospital and started big uproar between the family and the boss of the dead man

Surat : A man died suspiciously in Pandesara area of Surat, when he was working in looms factory. However, when the head informed this incident the next day to his family and the uproar created in the family members. Along with this, it has been forbidden to accept dead bodies, also there was also friction when the head of dead man reached at the hospital. Mathallu (The dead man) was outside, when the boss closed the factory in the morning on the 31st August. It is suspected that, he died in the meantime. However, the family was informed after 6 hours. The family said that, eventually the dead body has to be sent to Civil as the unclamied. Although the boss did not come to the Civil hospital.

Furthermore, Family members said that, they want justice and won’t accept the dead body until the police take action. Meanwhile, the boss reached the Civil Hospital after big uproar and started conflict between the family and the boss. At present, the police have taken further action on the statement of the family. Also, after 2 months his daughter will be going to get married. The family is in mouring, and three children have lost their father’s support.

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