February 25, 2024

So it has been demanded that the old law should remain in force.

Surat : Textiles in Surat is the largest in the whole of Asia. Then a large number of tempo are used for fabrics in the textile market. A protest was held today by the association of these tempo drivers. The drivers have been upset over the reforms made by the central government. So it has been demanded that the old law should remain in force.

In case of accidents involving commercial vehicles like trucks, tempos, buses, etc., the government has given the driver A fine of up to three lakhs and 10 years of imprisonment have been strictly provided. At many places in the country, agitation is being carried out by the owners and drivers of commercial vehicles. In Surat too, Tempo drivers staged a protest in the textile market area. Ayub Sheikh said that, we are angry with this law of the central government. Fine if the driver is drunk. But it is wrong to punish us. Drivers are employed for 15 thousand rupees. Then there is insurance passing etc. in the vehicle, so it has been demanded to be driven according to the old law. We never protested. But this rule is harmful for us. If our demand is not met, a dharna demonstration will be held on Gandhi Chindhya Marg.

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