February 29, 2024

Nikunj Makwana has made a statue of Vighanaharta from electric waste, DVD cassette waste, hospital waste, cotton wool waste, coconut waste.

Surat : An artist from Surat has created a 3.5 feet statue of Shriji out of a piece of wood and has become the center of attraction. Nikunj Makwana made a 5 kg statue of Vighanaharta with wood and paper supports, says that some kind of creation can be made from every waste and the environment can be preserved. For the last 7 years I have been trying to create the best out of waste and create awareness among people. After starting making idol of Lord Ganesha from electric waste, waste of DVD cassette, waste of hospital, waste of cotton wool, waste of coconut waste, after making idol of Devdhidev Ganesh from wood, they are celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi festival with family.

Moreover, Nikunj Makwana is involved in the business of designer and album binding, said that he has been celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with his family for almost 20 years after setting up Ganeshji at home. Two sisters and parents have been creating creative statues for the past 7 years in collaboration. The idea of making the best out of waste inspires something new every year. Not only this, but Ganesha devotees along with society people are also eager to see Shriji, the best surgeon from the Waste. Only the theme of the statue of Sriji is kept secret from the waste prepared every year and on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi the gate is opened for darshan of the people.

In this year 2023, a 3.5 feet statue of Sriji has been made with a support of 5 kg stick and paper from wooden ware waste. A large crowd of people are flocking to see and darshan. It took 24-26 hours to make this statue. With the help of the family, 250 rupees have been spent on the cost of fevicol and tape strip (roll) in making the statue of Ganapatiji. It was further said that, the idol of Vishnu avatar of best Shriji was made from Waste. The joy of which will be dissolved on the fourteenth day itself, that too in an artificial lake. I want to give a single message that anything is created from waste and I am trying to create Sriji from waste to create awareness among people. I have been honored with medals 8 times till date for such a positive ideology. An online competition is also held by the Mumbai Institute, in which Ganesha Mandals and artists from all the states of India participate. I also participate in it and give a message of awareness.

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