February 25, 2024

In the charging station made by the municipality, dogs rest of some places and children are playing in some places.

Surat : To preserve the environment in Surat City, Surat Municipality has created an e-Vehicle Policy and has also started charging stations in the city on PPP basis. But since there is a big difference in the cost of charging at home and at the charging station, the use of many charging stations is seen to be negligible. As the cars do not come for charging at the charging station, dogs are sitting in some places and children are playing in some places. Due to such a situation, many questions have also been raised against the maintenance of charging stations.

Along with the continuous increase in petrol-diesel and gas prices across the country including Surat, the number of e-vehicles in Surat is increasing due to the fact that Surat Municipality has announced an incentive policy for electric vehicles. Against the increasing number of e-vehicles in Surat, the municipality has started building e-vehicle charging stations. The municipality has awarded the contract for this e-vehicle charging station but many complaints are coming out that its operation is slow.

Navsari Bazar has built a charging station outside the Gopi lake, where hardly any cars come charging. Apart from this, a station has been built at the cost of lakhs of rupees but as the maintenance person is not present at the place, children play games in this place. It cannot be ruled out that children may die if they accidentally touch a wire in a charging station. On the other hand, a charging station has been built in the Palanpore area where most of the dogs are sitting on it. Due to this situation, questions have arisen against the maintenance of charging stations.

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