February 25, 2024

An assembly candidate can spend up to 40 lakhs

To start with, in assembly elections, MLAs spent an average election expenditure of only Rs. 27.10 lakh has been concluded from the accounts presented by them.

The average expenditure of BJP MLAs is 27.94 lakhs, the average expenditure of Congress MLAs is 24.92 lakhs, and the average expenditure of AAP is 15.63 lakhs. Out of 182 MLAs, 23 (13%) MLAs have shown expenditure less than 50% of the expenditure limit amount.

According to the rules, an assembly candidate can spend up to 40 lakhs. These details were revealed in an analysis by the Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) of expenditure details by the winning candidates.

According to Section 78 of the Representation of People Act, candidates have to submit the details of election expenses to the District Election Officer within one month of the declaration of election results.

Moreover, ADR has noted that there is considerable variation in the way money is spent on campaigning, dissemination, meetings, rallies, etc. during elections, and the expenditure shown.

Although, as the details of the general expenses incurred by the party are not given, the exact figure of the expenses incurred in the elections is not available.

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