February 25, 2024

The gang robbed the gold jewelery worth one lakh of an army man’s wife; police arrested the gang

Ahmedabad : Cases of robberies and burglaries are coming to know in Ahmedabad city. Apart from that, gangs of women stealing the luggage of passengers by paying attention in ST buses have also become active in many cities. Then the crime branch arrested four accused including two women in different crimes and took further action.

According to the information received, the crime branch was searching for two accused who were robbing a single passenger in a rickshaw. Few days ago, two accused picked up a passenger from bus stand and dropped him near place. The accused took 88 thousand rupees from his bag. In this crime, the crime branch has solved the crime by arresting both the accused and seized a total of three lakhs including rickshaw and cash from them.

While in another crime, the crime branch has also solved the crime of stealing a gold necklace worth one and a half lakhs by sneaking a glance from the purse of the senior citizen wife of a retired army soldier, while going on a BRTS bus. The Crime Branch arrested the accused and initiated further action. The crime branch seized a gold necklace worth more than one lakh from both the accused women.

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