February 25, 2024

Since there was no water in Siddhapur for the last four days, the municipality did excavations and found human remnant remains one after another.

Human remnant remains have been found in a water pipeline in Siddhpur. Human remnant remains were found in an underground water pipe line in the upper Street area of Siddhapur. On investigation, it was found that these remnant are the remains of the body of an unknown girl and stuck in the water pipeline, stopping the flow of water. So the municipality dug and checked the pipeline and found human remnant.

According to the information received, there was no drinking water in the Upper Street area of Siddhapur for the last four-five days. Also used to smell in drinking water. So a complaint was made to the municipality team. After this, the municipality team did excavations to find out the problem in the pipeline.

However, only a few human body parts have been found. Other body parts of the girl are still not found. Following the incident, the teams of Siddhapur police and municipality reached the upper street area. After this incident, the residents of upper area gathered heavily at the incident site.

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