February 25, 2024

Also, the cameras were originally made by a Kutch company, A’bad ISRO made 11 parts of the satellite including sensors, payload

Ahmedabad: On the afternoon of July 14, not only the people of India, but the eyes of the world were fixed on the sky, as Chandrayaan-3 was about to be launched. This moment was historic for India and it will be a proud moment for India when Chandrayaan will land on August 25. Gujarat has contributed a lot to make Chandrayaan-3. There is an ISRO center in Ahmedabad.

11 types of parts including sensors, palod of the satellite were made. The main part of the rocket is made by Geeta Engineering Company of Jamnagar. The machine was transported in 8 different trucks and then assembled to form the core of the rocket. So the Chandrayaan rover has micro and microscopic cameras placed all over the project, which was originally entrusted to a company from Kutch.

Ahmedabad ISRO has an important contribution in Chandrayaan-3, in which different parts have been made by Ahmedabad ISRO. About 11 parts of it have been made by Ahmedabad ISRO. Also ISRO made sensors, palod of satellites. The camera system, the carbon altimeter sensor along with the processing system, the rover’s image maker has been developed by ISRO.

Payloads are highly required for easy landing on the moon. India is going to achieve one more achievement in its name. India now has the ability to outpace the countries of the world even in the field of satellites. Inside Chandrayaan-2, India also recorded the farthest reach to the southern part of the Moon in its maiden attempt.

Cameras for important pictures were originally made by a Kutch company
Apart from this, Kutch is also contributing to Chandrayaan-3. After 45 days, when Chandrayaan-3 will land on the lunar surface, important images and data will be placed on Earth for observation. Paras Defense and Space Technology, a company originally from Kutch, was tasked with the task of modern technology. From 84,400 km away, Chandrayaan will be tasked with placing photos, which is important.

From what and how the machine was made

A CNC terminal mill i.e. a machine for making the main part of the rocket was made using casting furnace iron and imported goods from Germany and Japan. This machine is fully computerized and operated by computer only.

We specialize in challenging work: Managing Director

Before we got the order to make the main part of the rocket, several engineer scientists visited us to see the company and also assessed our work ability and also reviewed the work done in the past after which we got the job to machine the main part of this 60 ton rocket. We specialize in challenging work.

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