Apathy among herdsmen over new animal policy, distribution of only 26 forms in a week

Surat : The Surat Municipality is preparing for the implementation of the new policy made by the Gujarat government to eliminate the persecution of stray animals, on the other hand, the livestock keepers of the Surat Municipality area are seen to be indifferent to this policy. As animal keeping rules have been tightened, so far only 26 forms have been distributed from the city civic center of the municipality. However, the municipality is determined to implement this policy after 90 days of promulgation of the policy.

Moreover, after the court order, Surat Municipality has started strict operations to control the stray animals. The municipality has sent more than 500 cattle straying on the road to cages in the last one week. Out of the estimated 56,000 cattle in the city, the municipality has given RFID to 52,000 cattle free of charge has been installed. After announcing the new policy from November 1, the municipality has started distribution of free forms from the City Civic Center for the registration of animals kept in the Surat Municipality area, but despite the completion of one week, only 26 forms have been distributed from the City Civic Center. Due to the strict rules in the new policy for cattle, there is a lack of enthusiasm among the cattle rearers.

However, Surat Municipality will strictly implement the new policy after 90 days i.e. 1 February after the announcement of the policy. After implementing this policy in cattle. One thousand rupees will be charged for installation RFID. Apart from this, cattle keepers will have to take a compulsory animal permit to keep the animal, which will be valid for three years, after which it will have to be renewed.

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