February 25, 2024

The locals demanded that the housing should be repaired immediately; fortunately there were no injuries to any children.

Surat : It has been found that the condition of the houses built 5-7 years ago in Surat Municipal Corporation is very dilapidated. The roof of the corporation housing behind the Croma showroom in Adajan area has come to know. However, fortunately at this time the children playing in the gallery were saved. How safe is it for people to live in dilapidated housing? He is now being questioned after this incident. People ran away to save their lives after huge crusts fell from the roof. As the housing built in the year 2015 was dilapidated, today the massive crusts fell off.

In addition, Rama, who lives in the accommodation, said that despite several representations, the accommodation is not being repaired by the system. Now people are living with fear in housing. The locals demanded that the housing should be repaired immediately. My daughter and some other boys were also playing here when the incident happened, fortunately they were not hit by the debris. Our children would have been seriously injured.

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