February 25, 2024

Although Surat saw a partial reduction in wind speed after the storm passed, the city’s fear of damage to the system eased as the wind speed.

Surat: Cyclone Biporjoy had a pronounced impact in Surat on Tuesday, causing winds of an average speed of 35 to 40 kmph since early Tuesday morning, increasing the concern of the coastal villagers. As the cyclone passed through the sea, Suvali, Dumas and Dabhari sea of Surat became crazy. Cyclone Biparjoy is 555 km from Surat has passed away.

Along with the system, people also breathed a sigh of relief

It was a relief for Surat that Cyclone Biparjoy passed by an estimated distance of 555 km from Surat on Tuesday afternoon. People also breathed a sigh of relief as the storm dissipated. The Meteorological Department has given the information that this storm has passed through latitude line 21 degrees North and longitude 97 degrees East.

Now, since Surat is at 72 degree longitude, a storm that passed through 97 degrees can be said to have passed only 5 longitudes away. So it can be said that, the storm has passed approximately 555 km from Surat.

Partial reduction in wind speed

Although, rain is predicted due to the storm, due to which rain showers were seen in scattered areas of Surat in the late evening. As the cyclone was passing through Surat, strong winds were blowing from early morning. Also in the coastal villages, the condition of the villagers became dire as the intensity of the wind was high.

It will be effective for two days

On the one hand, there were scattered showers around late evening around 7 pm. On the other hand, people were disturbed as strong winds were blowing for three consecutive days, however, people have to be prepared to face strong winds and rains for two more days as per the Meteorological Department.

The sea became stormy

Surat’s Suvali, Dabhari and Dumas coasts became stormy, especially the Suvali coast witnessed sea currents, with estimated 12 to 15 feet high waves in the sea from morning to afternoon.

Also, in case of any untoward incident, the team of DGVCL, Municipality, Forest was kept on stand by for immediate help. The relief-rescue team will be kept on stand by for two more days. At the same time, a team of marine commandos has been kept on standby for patrolling at Suvali.

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