February 25, 2024

A student of Law College in Valsad did not appear in LLB Sem-6 exam, yet the result was declared and marks were awarded in one subject.

Valsad: The law college, which is connected to VNSGU university has done big mistake. The student of Valsad’s college did not give the exam, but the result has been declared. Valsad’s college has informed the university in writing. A student of Valsad’s Law College did not appear in the LLB Sem-6 examination, but his result was declared and marks were awarded in one subject. The college wrote to the university asking it to cancel the admission of one student along with canceling the examination form of that student.

It may be mentioned here that, complaints of such rigging have also been found in the examination results of students of many other colleges in South Gujarat including Surat. Many of the results of over 5 lakh students have been subject to complaints of cheating this year.

Only the erring companies were given the job. The university spends crores on the work from online answer book checking to declaration of results. A final year BA student in a city college alleged that, his marks are more than the total marks. Another student alleged that, he got less than half marks in LLB Sem-5 despite writing all the answers.

In the whole matter, VC Kishore Singh Chavda said that, this result has been cancelled. Investigation is going on this matter. Result of Valsad college student has been released wrongly. However, it is not yet known, who is responsible in this case. Investigation is going in this matter.

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