February 25, 2024

Hearing his screams, his wife was sleeping in the house and was shocked to see him and immediately took him to Smimer Hospital.

Surat: A young man living in Surat’s Punagam slept on the rooftop last night to get relief from cold and heat. Late at night when he was enjoying a deep sleep, an unknown person put phenyl in one of his eyes and escaped. As soon as the phenyl fell into his eyes, the young man began to shriek and scream. Hearing his screams, the family members came running and he was rushed to Smimer Hospital for immediate treatment.

Went to sleep on the roof due to heat

According to the information received from the information of Smimmer Hospital, Rakesh Prasad resident of Sitanagar in Punagam is currently living here with his wife and working on a lath machine at Kataragam GIDC. Last night he went to sleep on the roof of his house to get relief from fever and heat.

The young man said – ‘Nothing was seen after falling phenyl in the eye’
Currently, he is admitted in the ward of the eye department and is being given necessary treatment by the doctors. Rakesh further said that, he did not have any enmity or quarrel with anyone, but who did this to him and for what reason? He knows nothing about that. He can’t even see properly because of the phenyl in his eye, who put the phenyl in his eye? Punagam police have started an investigation regarding this incident.

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