February 29, 2024

Police are conducting action to recover stolen mobiles and headphones.

Surat : After midnight, miscreants entered the house of Prajapati family living in Nawab’s Wadi of Begampura area of Surat city with the intention of stealing and attacked the resisting youth and his parents. In this case of murder of a woman, the police arrested two miscreants and conducted further investigation.

Moreover, a look at Kuberji House and nearby CCTV on Begampura Main Road shows Farsaram Prajapati living with his wife Geeta, sons Bharat and Jeetu and daughter Neetu. On the 29th, at around 3:30 AM, Bharat woke up from his sleep after hearing some noise in the house. He saw that a thief had entered the house. The young man threatened Bharat with a knife and robbed two laptops, mobile phones and headphones. Then the young man also robbed Bharat’s mobile phone and headphones. When the mother reached the place where Bharat was taken hostage, she was stabbed on the back. During this attack, Farsram Prajapati and his son Jeetu and daughter Neetu ran down from the upper floor screaming. Farsram immediately went towards the young man to catch him, but he was stabbed in the stomach. The young man showed a knife and opened the lock of the iron grill door near the staircase below and escaped.

Moreover, Gita was injured in this attack and died. In this crime of robbery and murder, the police started investigation along with declaring a red alert, in which Manyo Dantani was caught by Puna police. Investigation of Manish, a native of Kadi in Mehsana and living near Hathi Mandir on Vedroad in Surat, revealed that Karansingh was Jitendrasingh Rajput with him. Following this, Salabatpura police nabbed Karansingh, who lived in Mahadevnagar V-1 in Goddara. Both the youths caught by the police are in the habit of stealing. 6 crimes have been registered against Manish Dantani, who broke into a house with the intention of stealing, and has also served jail time under that aspect. While three crimes have been registered against his friend Karan, Manish confessed to the police that when they were roaming around with the intention of stealing, he broke into the house with a pipe while seeing the window open.

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