February 25, 2024

The owner of the building and his two sons threatened to kill the Torrent employees

Ahmedabad: The incidents of electricity theft are increasing in the city. At that time, the two sons of the house owner attacked the employees of Torrent with a knife. An employee has been taken to hospital for treatment after being stabbed and bleeding. In this regard, security officer of Torrent filed a complaint in police station and further action has been taken. According to the received details, Pankaj Choudhary is working as security officer of Torrent, has filed a complaint in police station. According to the complaint, Vigilance team officers NJ Shah, AP Patel and technician Vijay Parmar along with other team members from Torrent Power’s office this morning to carry out power checking around the area and removing power wires connected to unauthorized power.

Meanwhile, two youths came from behind with a knife each in their hand and a knife cut on the right hand of the worker Vijay Parmar started bleeding and at this time Sameer stabbed his hand with a knife on Vijay between Pankaj and other fellow workers. Padel and Sameer held hands and then one of the employees called the police control room and met with Mushtaq. Presently Vijay has been admitted to ICU ward and currently undergoing treatment. Based on the complaint, the police have registered a case and taken further action.

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