February 29, 2024

Also, turtle bites do not cause any toxic effects.

Surat : Cases of dog bites are frequent in Surat but today a strange case has come to know. A 1-year- old child was playing with a turtle in Bhestan area of Surat and suddenly it bit the child’s cheek. The parents were horrified by this incident and immediately brought a new civil to treat the child. Doctors examining the child here asked to keep him under observation for 24 hours. According to reports, Raju Goge, originally from Maharashtra and currently living in Sangam Society in Bhestan, lives with his wife and a one-year-old child named Khandu. Raju works as a laborer in a chemical company in GIDC. On Wednesday night around 8.30 pm, he took his son for a walk. Meanwhile they saw something moving near the house. Coming closer, the turtle was sliding slowly. Seeing this turtle, Raju and Khandu decided to take it home.

Moreover, they used to keep turtles as pets at home. Yesterday, Raju gave the turtle to his son Khandu, so he was playing with it. In the meantime, the turtle had hatched on Khandu’s right cheek. As soon as Raju and his wife came to know about it, they rushed to New Civil for treatment with the child. Due to this incident, both were stunned for some time. Doctor Khushbu Chaudhary of Pediatric Department at New Civil Hospital said that turtles do not have rabies poison like dogs and cats. The nature of turtles is also normal so it does not bother anyone but when Khandu was brought for treatment, he was asked to keep him under observation for 24 hours.It was further said that nothing is done by filling the turtle’s stomach. Even when the baby came, it had no effect. Filling the bladder does not cause any bleeding or swelling. Tortoises are non-poisonous, so no antidote or heavy vaccinations are required, but his father has been told to bring Khandu for treatment immediately if he shows any symptoms. Also, turtle bites do not cause any toxic effects.

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