February 25, 2024

For this movie, it is also try to make this film tax free, so that more women and daughters could watch this movie

Moreover, BJP leaders have come forward to make the film ‘The Kerala Story’ tax free in Gujarat and one leader after another is writing a letter to the Chief Minister. Junagadh MLA Sanjay Kordia and MP Rajesh Chudasma have decided to show the film for free.

Although, there are many discussions going on about the recently released film ‘The Kerala Story’. The film has been banned in some states or film has been made tax free by some states. Rajkot BJP MLA Dr. Darshitaben Shah and Ramesh Tilala have also demanded to make this film tax free in Gujarat and said that if more womens watch the film, cases of love jihad will decrease.

Furthermore, in this film it has also shown that, how the girls are being exploited. So that, it is to be demanded that, promote this film and encourage to all the girls and women to watch this movie. Further, parents also need to watch this movie in order to stop ‘Love jehad’ in the coming days.

Lastly, Ramesh Tilala further said that, mostly unmature girls are being victims of love jihad. It is necessary to promote such films to prevent such incidents. Efforts are being made by police-social organizations for this. I have full confidence that the government will also try to make this film tax-free so that as many womens and daughters of the state can watch this film. It is to be expected that, a positive reply has been given by the CM.

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