February 25, 2024

A young mechanical engineer from the city has developed an automatic gas regulator. This regulator is based on a fully automatic mechanism.

Furthermore, by means of this regulator they can save time, fuel and accidents. This automatic regulator can be cooked by any venture serving or cooking process by timer and is completely safe. With its help, pressure cooker blast can also be avoided. This automatic gas regulator is made by Nishit, a young mechanical engineer from Vadodara city.

He further said, ‘I am currently studying in the final year of mechanical engineering, and have been trying to patent this automatic gas regulator for the past two years. This is a device that can make the kitchen automatic.’

Moreover, ‘this regulator performs two main functions. For example, a gas stove has a knob to turn the gas on and off. As such, a mechanical version of the automatic regulator has been made. Also, the timer can also be set and set whistles in pressure cooker.

Apart from that, he says, govt has also given the approval for this product, because this device can be used for women especially in the kitchen.

On the other side, it will reduce the cases of pressure cooker blast, saves fuel and time too. Gas supply can be stopped according to time. This regulator does not require any electric or solar supply, because it is purely mechanical.

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