February 25, 2024

During cancer treatment, the side effects of the drug going to other parts of the body can be avoided

The prevalence of cancer is increasing worldwide and cancer has become a leading cause of death. Even with all the modern medical facilities there are many hurdles in the safe treatment of cancer. This mainly includes the side effects caused by the use of cancer drugs i.e. chemotherapy.

A research done by a professor-student of MS University’s Chemistry Department has developed a nano carrier for drug delivery to cancer tumors, which has also been patented by the Government of India.

Since the drug is unable to discriminate between healthy cells and cancerous cells, it affects healthy cells as adversely as cancer cells. A drug that causes side effects. Moreover, its levels continue to decline soon after the dose is taken, resulting in a decrease in the effectiveness of the drug.

Such problems with conventional chemotherapeutic doses have led to many efforts to improve them. An important approach is to develop a controlled drug delivery system that can deliver the drug to the right place (on the cancerous cells), in the right amount and for the right time.

It will also prove useful in the treatment of diabetes

In the end, such nanocarriers can also be used in the treatment of other harmful diseases other than cancer such as diabetes, because with their help, controlled and regular delivery of insulin is also possible, due to which insulin levels will be maintained for a long time.

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