February 29, 2024

A 950-year-old historic tree at Ganapatpura near Vadodara, worth over 7 crores

Basically, a tree is worth crores of rupees and is 950 years old, but, 15 km away from Vadodara city, there is a 950-year-old historical tree in village. This tree has a lifespan of 2 thousand years. This tree is also known as ‘Dead Rat Tree’ and ‘Mandi Bread Tree’.

The forest department has given the status of heritage tree (mahavriksha) to this tree in the year 2014-15. The value of one tree per year has been set at Rs 74,500 by the Supreme Court, due to which the cost of this gigantic tree is more than 7 crores.

Furthermore, it is said that, the scientific name of this baobab tree is Edin sonia digitata. Also, a French doctor Adenshon discovered this tree and digitata in French means the fingers of our claws. The leaves of this tree are also like the fingers of our claws.

Seems in Gujarat, this tree is known as ‘Rukhdo and Ghelu’ tree. This tree is mostly leafless, when all other trees get new leaves in spring and rainy days, but, it is so true that when this tree begins to grow leaves, it is a sign that 15 to 20 rains begin to fall.

This tree stores water in its trunk, so its bark is gray in color and on a moonlight night it glows in such a way that the branches of this tree look like the scattered hair of a ghost. So it is also called ghost tree. This tree is of two types male and female. The tree near Ganapatpura is female because it gives fruit. When the male tree does not give fruit.

This tree is native to South Africa. These trees are found in abundance in Malagaskar. These trees are found in Mandu in India, and trees are found beyond Umargam in Gujarat. It has 7 original varieties, one of which we have grown there. There used to be another version of it here at File Arts College, but it is no longer seen. Someone must have cut down that tree.

    On the other hand, people still need a lot of research about this tree, so that people can plant new trees and save old trees too. Even if people say the value of a tree is 20 crores instead of 10 crores, believe it because this tree gives us a lot of oxygen and the value of the oxygen that the tree gives us in its entire life is priceless. It is said that, 5 big trees give as much oxygen as in its life. That much oxygen a man consumes in one’s life.

    Lastly, this 950 years old tree must have given so much oxygen, fruit and honey in its life. This is the circuit house of the parrot. It is home to bees. 10 crores is no exaggeration for this tree. Its value can be estimated as follows. The government does not allow trees planted by people to remain. The corporation is cutting down this tree indiscriminately, but the government should do proper work in this regard.

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