February 25, 2024

Steam is generated from solar concentrators and this produced steam is used to run large boilers used in industries.

Initially, Kailash Cancer Hospital is also known as Goraj Muni Seva Ashram located at Goraj village of vaghodiya taluka. This cancer hospital is known for treating cancer patients at a very cheap rate and with its recognition, one more feather has been added to the identity of this hospital.

The world’s largest solar concentrator has been set up by this hospital in its premises. The use of this solar concentrator or the energy generated by it, the hospital kitchen can feed 2000 people, the hospital laundry is run by the solar concentrator. All equipment used for the treatment of hospital patients is sterilized with the help of concentrators.

As far as this solar concentrator is concerned, it is an Australian technology and that technology transfer has been brought to the country. This concentrator has been established here by the Australian National University and SUNRISE CSP AUSTRALIA. This solar concentrator installed here is known as BIG DISH.

Further, after the boiler different works are done like in Kailash Cancer Hospital this energy prepares meals for 2000 people in the hospital kitchen, apart from this the clothes worn by the hospital patients, bed sheets, pillow covers all the clothes, which are washed and pressed in the hospital laundry, the hospital laundry with this energy Goes on, hospital medical tools are also sterilized.

The Big Dish can be seen from a distance on the way to the hospital. This dish is installed in an area of about 500 square feet. A 7 storey building is as tall as it is tall and has a diagram of 25 meters in width. A total of 380 mirror panels have been inserted into the dish, and that is why this Big Dish is being considered as the world’s largest solar concentrator so far.

According to an estimate, if the boiler is coal-fired, then in 7-8 years and if diesel or gas-fired, then only in 4-5 years, this solar concentrator produces enough energy to recover the total cost of the solar concentrator. They say that after seeing this dish installed, they are getting many inquiries about it. Anyone who sees this dish cannot help but be amazed.

The hospital is planning to install 8 such concentrators in its second phase and 15 concentrators in the third phase. When the government is emphasizing on the use of renewable energy, if this type of technology is used to the maximum, the country can get another source of pollution-free energy.

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