So this entire matter reached Saroli police station.

Surat : A shocking case has come up in Surat once again. Many cases of online fraud have been coming up for a long time now. Then again, a young man in Surat has blown a huge amount of 15 lakh rupees in online gaming. A widow in Surat has been hit with lakhs of rupees due to love. It is the turn of a widow to suffer 15 lakh rupees for loving a young man. Widow’s husband died 3 years ago. After the death of her husband, the woman was living alone with her children for 3 years. This widow fell in love with a 28-year-old man. In this whirlwind of love, this widow has come to suffer 15 lakh rupees. The accused has been arrested by the police after the complaint of the widow. Saurabh Mundara confessed after the accused was picked up by the police. The accused has been arrested in a car by the Saroli police. It was then found that only one moped out of 15 lakh was left. The husband of this 42-year-old girl died of a heart attack 3 years ago.

Moreover, 15 lakh rupees of the husband’s insurance policy was invested by the woman. With the interest of which she used to study and support her children. The bedroom window of another building was facing the widow’s bedroom. Then the eyes of the widow met with 28-year-old Saurabh Mundhara. A deposit of Rs 15 lakh was also seized from the woman. At that time, instead of returning the money, the 28-year-old man insulted and threatened. So this entire matter reached Saroli police station.

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