The police were shocked when they reached the house of the woman bootlegger and investigated.

Surat : The police were also shocked to see the things buried by the woman in the yard of her house and in the ground of the adjacent empty plot in Utran area of the city when they were brought out. The police have recovered this item and seized it. A female bootlegger has been arrested. Thus there is a prohibition of alcohol in Gandhi’s Gujarat, but it seems to be only on paper. Because there will be no village, town or district in the state where liquor is not sold or consumed. While Surat city district is known for its liquor addiction, Surat city police has seized a large quantity of liquor from the Utran area of Surat. Arresting liquor is not a new thing, but the way the woman bootlegger and her son hid the liquor in Utran, even the police were taken a back.

The fact is that Surat PCB staff got information that a woman bootlegger has hidden liquor in her house in Khari Paliya at Mota Varachha Utran and is selling liquor from the house. Based on this information, PCB and DCB conducted a joint operation and raided the house of the female bootlegger. On April 2, the police in Uttran’s Khari Paliya, Champaben Rajubhai Patel’s house was raided by a woman bootlegger. Champa and his son Pankaj alias Piyush were reported to be selling liquor from their house. The police were shocked when they reached the house of the woman bootlegger and investigated. The woman bootlegger and her son hid the quantity of liquor in their house and in the yard of the house and in the open space next to the house by digging pits in the ground. He used to secretly sell liquor from his house. Police seized 1,728 sealed bottles worth Rs 1,98,600 worth Rs 1,98,600 of Indian made foreign liquor whiskey, vodka of different companies. Apart from this, mobiles, cash and other items worth 1,99,100 were seized. Police arrested female bootlegger Champa while Mangilal Patel and Vinod Marvi were declared wanted besides her son Pankaj.

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