February 24, 2024

After repeatedly hearing the name Biparjoy in storm alerts and shifting from her area to a shelter home, a woman named her baby girl Biparjoy.

Kutch: Biporjoy storm is wreaking havoc in Gujarat. Due to the fear of this storm, thousands of people have left their homes and shifted to shelter homes. After many such events have been associated with this storm whose imprint will be seen for years. One such incident has happened in Kutch. A woman who shifted to a shelter home due to the fear of a storm, named her one-month-old baby Biporjoy, because couldn’t find the name.

Although, Biporjoy has been the talk of the town for more than ten days now. This is also having a greater impact on the people of Kutch. Now that the cyclone has hit the Jakhou coast of Kutch, along with the scenes of devastation, things affecting the human psyche are also coming to the fore.

Children have been named after hurricanes before

Lastly, if we talk about it, many parents have named their children after the storm that happened before. In which Titli, Fani and Gulab have also been named after hurricanes by the parents of their children.

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