February 25, 2024

Surat : A case of suicide has come to know from Surat. In Surat Umarvada, a married woman drank such poisonous medicine in mental stress, due to the abusive words of a neighbor woman. After drinking the medicine, the woman died after 7 days of treatment.

According to the information received from the mother-in-law and the woman’s husband, the fight started based on suspicion. After that, as the fight escalated, the woman fell into mental stress. After that, the woman was taken to Surat Civil Hospital after taking medicine, where after 7 days, he died tragically. It was further found that the husband was not aware of the woman’s relationship. But once they were caught talking on the phone, the fights between the two families escalated. Both the neighbor woman and the married woman used to insult each other publicly. This incident took place 7 days ago, when the fight escalated. Shakeel Sheikh said that, he has been helping financially at home by doing labor work. The wife used to work at home in sewing cloth. There was a quarrel with the neighbor woman for a long time. However, 7 days ago Samim drank the poisonous medicine because of the gossip of the neighbor woman. So she admitted in civil, where the wife died this morning. Sameem was a mother of four children.

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