February 29, 2024

In this disease, symptoms like fever, headache, jaundice, vomiting, decreased urination are seen for seven days.

Surat : A 51-year-old tribal woman hailing from Kanbudi village of Dediapada taluka of Narmada district has been revived after 17 days of treatment at Surat’s New Civil Hospital for the first time. A disease called Scrub Typhus was diagnosed nearby. The first case of which has been reported in Surat New Civil.

According to the details, the tribal woman was stung by an insect below her ear while plucking sitafal in the forest before Diwali. Initially she developed swelling under the ear and severe headache and was taken to a nearby private hospital. After giving treatment for two days, the family members admitted her to the new civil on 17th November after the doctors asked her to take her to another hospital. The woman was diagnosed with fever, swelling of liver, kidney and lungs while reporting to the civil. Gauri’s treatment was started immediately under the guidance of Dr. Ashwin Vasava. Initially kept on ventilator for 10 days due to breathing difficulties. After that four to five times dialysis was done to treat the kidney. Thus, due to regular medicines and great efforts of doctors, the woman has fully recovered.

A report of scrub typhus was sent to NCDC, Delhi after testing at a private lab in Surat to find out the cause of the disease. Even from there, the report came positive and it was found that the disease called scrub typhus was caused by the bacteria called Orienta Susugamushi. This organism is oval in shape. It is called a cigar. The disease was diagnosed due to the bite. Giving more details about this, Superintendent of Navi Civil Dr. Ganesh Govekar said that a woman with a serious illness of Scrub Typhus caused by bacteria called Orienta Susugamushi has been successfully treated and recovered, which is caused by insect bites. Such disease is seen especially among farmers. He said that such a disease was successfully diagnosed and treated for the first time in Surat Civil. In this disease, symptoms like fever, headache, jaundice, vomiting, decreased urination are seen for seven days after the tick bite. An eschar-like scar is seen where the mite bites. This disease mainly affects organs like kidney, liver, lungs, heart and brain. A mortality rate of up to 40 percent is observed if untreated.

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