February 25, 2024

Seven crore-year-old dinosaur eggs, Chola-style 4-armed Shiv murti in fort on display at a museum in Surat

The museum in the fort has rare artefacts that are found only in a few museums in the country. These include an idol of Lord Shiva made in Chola style, a jewelery box with Patigra art work and a portrait of Gandhiji with zardoshi work.

Also, the Natural History Museum at Parle Point displays dinosaur eggs and skeletons of whales and dolphins. Further, many things were seen in the museum, which was 100 years old.

Further, Dinosaur eggs are 7 million years old. Skeletons of whales and dolphins are also found. So there are fossils in the Himalayas, which prove that the Himalayas were once a part of the ocean. Animals and birds are also stuffed in the museum.

Moreover, this portrait of Gandhiji is 80 years old, in which the portrait was prepared by zardoshi work with gold and silver threads. This portrait was made in honor of Gandhiji by Sakerlal Jariwala, an artisan originally from Surat.

Apart from that, the embroidery work of saree made in Surat has designs from our countries cultures, including lotus and swastik from India, dragon from China, basket from Europe.

Finally, the museum is the only place, where people can remind their ancient clothes, things and many more. Also they can admonish their culture, rituals and traditional, once they visit museum and get to know what is their real culture.

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