February 25, 2024

Several Schemes Implemented for Sea Farmers and Fisheries of Surat to Boost Blue Economy

World Ocean Day is being celebrated on June 8. The purpose behind the celebration of World Oceans Day is to raise awareness about the benefits of oceans in human life. We all know that about 70 percent of the earth’s surface is covered by oceans. Oceans play an important role in our lives. Oceans are home to marine life.

Central and state governments have implemented various schemes for sea farmers, who catch fish from the sea and work in fisheries to boost the blue economy. Fishermen have been benefited by various schemes by the Office of the Director of Fisheries.

Fisheries industry is divided into 3 categories

According to Director of Fisheries, fisheries have three main divisions; Divided into inland fisheries (freshwater fisheries), freshwater fisheries (shrimp farming) and marine fisheries.

Moreover, fish seed production in inland fisheries, rearing of fish seeds by local fisherman youth (rural employment), fishing in village ponds (employing local fishermen) and wholesale fish sale by locals are encouraged.

Allotment of land through revenue department as per state government policy in Bhambrapani fisheries, registration of aquaculture farms as per Coastal Aquaculture Authority Act, provision of ancillary infrastructure facilities like roads, power lines, drinking water.

Lastly, beneficiaries are also imparted training in fisheries of Bhambrapani. The government is promoting artificial rifts, sea ranching and cage culture as fish stocks are often found to be low along Gujarat’s coast.

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