December 11, 2023

Suspected contamination of water by chemicals, wild plants or sewage.

Vadodara : Around 6 lakh people have been getting green and yellow colored water for the last three days from the French wells located in Mahi river, the main water source of Vadodara Corporation. On the days of Diwali, there has been an outcry among the people who received such water, and there has been a demand to provide clean water. Officials of the Gujarat Pollution Control Board reached the Mahi river following a representation by the opposition Congress, and took water samples.

The Congress, the opposition party in the corporation, has written to the Vadodara-based regional officer of the Gujarat Pollution Control Board as well as the chairman of the board, the commissioner of the corporation and the chief minister, saying that yellowish and cloudy water is being supplied to the citizens from the French wells of Raika and Darhka at Mahi river. It is feared that the water has been contaminated by chemical pollution or by vegetation or sewage discharge in the river. Giving such water to people is dangerous and injurious to health. So, in this regard, immediate action should be taken and if the water is polluted due to chemicals or due to any other reason, it should be investigated and the report should be disclosed to the citizens. The pollution board was requested that the corporation should take necessary steps to arrange alternative water supply and also give directions to provide clean water to the people. Meanwhile, the Congress leader reached the French Well located in the Mahi river along with the Corporation and Pollution Board officials. The Congress leader said that an odorless and colorless liquid is called water, but this is yellowish green undrinkable water being given to people. Apparently such water is undrinkable.

Further, as the water is supplied directly, only chlorination is done, justification should also be done as to whether this water is potable. The executive engineer of the corporation also said that such complaints have been received for the last three days. Checking all the tanks yesterday found yellowish water. Normally this kind of water does not come in Mahi river, but this time it comes from the source itself. Whether the water turned yellowish due to vegetation or any other reason is under investigation.

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