February 29, 2024

The police also checked the CCTV footage of the accident; Further investigation has also been conducted.

Surat : Tragic accident occurred on Udhana road in Surat, in which a young man carrying a two-wheeler at full speed on the road was going to overtake between a bus and a bike. Meanwhile, his two-wheeler suddenly slipped on the side of the bus and fell into the back wheel of the bus. The young man died on the spot when the wheel of the bus rolled over him. This whole incident has been captured in CCTV. It can be seen in the CCTV that the two-wheeler driver was overtaking another two-wheeler on the road. At this time ST bus was also passing by. However, the front wheel of the overtaking youth’s two-wheeler collided with the ST bus and it slipped and fell towards the ST bus. Hence the back wheel of the ST bus rolled over him and the youth died on the spot. GJ-18-Z-6157 was an ST bus on the Saputara-Balasinore route.

According to the details received, 22-year-old Chirag Jain, a native of Rajasthan and Ashanagar society in Udhana area, was on his way from home to some work at Ring Road this morning, while passing by with a two-wheeler in Udhana area. Chirag lost balance while trying to overtake a bike and an ST bus and fell on the road. Meanwhile, the ST bus that was passing was crushed by the rear wheel. Chirag lived with the family. Chirag is survived by his parents and a younger brother. He used to support his family by running an online textile business. Now his dead body has been brought to the civil hospital. The age of the deceased was 22 to 23 years and was doing online business. Now his body has been taken to the post-mortem room. His father is in the family and the rest of the family lives in Rajasthan, so the funeral will be held tomorrow.

Although, a large number of people had gathered following the accident. Following the accident, the bus driver also stopped the bus. On the other hand, the police was informed about the entire accident. The police also checked the CCTV footage of the accident. Further investigation has also been conducted.

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