February 25, 2024

A iron rod penetrated in young man’s leg and the family had bitter experienced of Smimer hospital.

Surat : Kamela Rathore’s family had a bitter experience when a young man fell from the roof of a house in Surat with an iron rod embedded in his leg. An incident has come to light that the patient was pushed from the emergency department to the case paper, X-ray department for approximately one hour. Not only this but the family of the victim had a dispute with the hospital employee near the X-ray department. The family filed for treatment at 2:53 pm on Sunday and was pushed from one ward to another until 4 pm. The family alleged that we think pain is being given here and not medicine. According to the family, it has been realized here that it is better to treat the patient in an emergency or to file a case first. However, the workers intervened and were forced to immediately dismiss the X-rays.

According to the information received from Smeemer Hospital, 28-year-old Sanjay Rathore lives with his family at Nawa Kamela Sanjaynagar in Salabatpura. On Sunday afternoon, Sanjay was working on the roof of the house at a quarter to three o’clock. Meanwhile, Sanjay fell down. So an iron rod penetrated his leg. His family brought Sanjay to Smeemer Hospital for treatment with a rod inserted in his leg.

Lastly, it was later known that Sanjay got treatment after his intervention. Regarding this, Smeemer Hospital Superintendent Dr. Jitendra Darshan Talking to this matter, he said that this matter has come to our notice and an investigation is being conducted. After investigation, action will be taken against the responsible.

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