February 25, 2024

Specially, he teaches without taking text book in hand. Yet it is evident he has memorized the entire text book line by line.

Rajkot: A teacher from Rajkot has a technique to impart sufficient knowledge and skill to his disciples. A teacher, whose God-given sight is slowly diminishing, but his own vision to live, may be said to be immortal, as this teacher suffers from a disease that is slowly diminishing his eye vision. Today he has zero vision in one eye and only 5% vision in the other eye, but still he is making the children study very well. His wife also helps him in this work. He has memorized the text book and can clearly see it while studying. He says that, he will continue to teach children as long as possible.

In a conversation, a teacher said that my family consists of wife and daughter a physiotherapist. My eye problem is unique and its technical name is Retinal Detachment Pigmentosa. Normally, the picture that falls on the eye membrane gives the brain a message that, what this object is, but due to this disease, the capacity of this eye membrane decreases. So this problem is genetic, but its detection is delayed. I was diagnosed with the disease at the age of 16-17. However, only ‘myopia’ i.e. high number of eyes was found then. Later my vision was gradually decreasing.

He further said that, although this is a problem, there is no cure or medicine in the world. There is no cure for this disease even in countries leading in technology and medical field like Germany and France. In the beginning, I could do all my work myself, including riding a bike. Although I underwent an operation in 1987 due to complete loss of sight in my right eye, the true understanding of this disease and its seriousness came and I learned that it is a genetic disease and there is no cure for it in the world, but knowing this fact, I did not lose faith. At this time I was working in a bank. However, after some time, I had to leave that job as the vision in one eye became completely zero and I had to work on the computer in the bank.

He says, since his health has not been good for the last 2 years, I am traveling in a rickshaw. As College is near from School, I walk till there based on estimation. I can move around like a normal person as the steps are counted to places including school-college and home. Although sometimes a step is missed in that too, it is absolutely impossible for me to go down an unknown path. A good thing is my memory, what I hear once I remember and never forget. After crossing a road once with the help of others, I can walk it again on my own. However, all this is based on an estimate.

Finally other person, who has been studying with Udayan sir for two years, said that, his teaching style is quite different from others, due to which he never felt any eye problems. Along with studies, we also get their guidance in other matters of life, which helps us a lot in taking important decisions.

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