We are indebted to his family for his service commitment.

Surat : A 46-year-old man in the city of Surat has donated liver, kidney and eyes, giving life to 5 people and spreading the fragrance of humanity. A native village Moladi, district Savarkundala, jillo Amreli native, currently living in Kholvad, Surat, near Opera Royal Residency, Pasodara Patiya and a real estate broker, Kiran went to Khodal restaurant near Varachha, Seemada Naka for tiffin on April 11. While going to his home with tiffin, he was hit by an unknown driver near Laskana railway bridge and fell off his motorcycle and fell unconscious due to head injury. He was shifted to Deenbandhu Hospital in Kamraj through 108 Ambulance for treatment. After giving first aid there, the family members admitted him to Venus Hospital in Surat for further treatment. A diagnostic CT scan revealed a brain hemorrhage and a blood clot in the brain. He was declared brain dead on April 14. Kiran’s brain dead and family members expressed their desire to donate his organs. The Donate Life team reached the hospital and explained the importance of organ donation and the entire process to Kiran’s father Ramesh, brother Dinesh, uncle Nitin and Jayesh, maternal uncle Rasik and Hitesh and other members of the Vekaria family.

Moreover, Kiran’s brother said, “We often read news about organ donation in newspapers. The work of organ donation is a godly work, when the body is about to turn into ashes, please go ahead to give life to the organ failure patients by donating as many of my brother’s organs as possible. Kiran’s family consists of 65-year-old father Ramesh who lives a retired life, mother Labhu died in November 2023, brother Dinesh owns an ice cream shop in Varachha.

SOTTO was approached after receiving consent for organ donation from the family. A liver was allocated by SOTTO to Kiran Hospital in Surat, one of the two kidneys to Sims Hospital in Ahmedabad and the other kidney to Sterling Hospital. Liver donation was accepted by Kiran Hospital, Surat. When the donation of eyes was accepted by Lok Drishti Eye Bank, the transplant of the donated liver was done in a 59-year-old resident of Mumbai at Kiran Hospital in Surat. Two donated kidneys will be transplanted in two needy patients at Sims Hospital and Sterling Hospital in Ahmedabad. Donate Life paid tribute to the family of Kiran Vekaria, who donated precious organs in this great sacrifice of humanity. We are indebted to his family for his service commitment.

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